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We provide resources for school systems and teachers to incorporate Earth science in their K-12 STEM education.By seeking to them, by taking as a given that our diverse perspectives are united around these common better-world goals, we have cultivated a mutual respect that allows us to be non-partisan and keep communication open with all sides. and sooner or later the larger world will come along.In between we found time to decry and at the same time exacerbate rifts based on race, gender, country of origin, and much more.Every dimension of life from local to national invited polarization. And finally, feeling the need to remove any lingering doubt, this month America once again made it clear to the rest of the world that we come first.The season revealed myriad limits to national resiliency. For decades if not centuries, Americans in county after county and state after state across the land have been feeling lucky and rolling the dice, cutting corners with respect to land use, building codes, flimsy infrastructure in a quest for short-term economic gains.2017 has been one of those years where we paid the price.The caption could have just been a few quick sentences that she fired off on her birthday — but Swift is nothing if not strategic… Democrats have been scolds since the 2016 election. The president – the leader of the free world – can add the title of “Scolder-in-Chief.” Many of his Cabinet leaders follow suit.

If you consider all the individual members as threads, the “social fabric” is made by having those members interact, thus weaving the threads together.

We take flak from other science and professional societies. Why aren’t we more actively and comprehensively push back against every budget cut, every agency downsizing, every advisory group lost?

The answer lies not just in the lack of human and financial resources to play whack-a-mole at the necessary speed and scale.

Two weeks ago, on her 28th birthday, Taylor Swift posted a picture to Instagram that her guitarist took during a recent show at an arena in London.

The photo shows Swift center stage, spotlight shining down as she plays her new music in front of thousands of fans.

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